Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sicilian Beaches

The unbelievably clear water of Aci Trezza

Two years ago, before I came to Sicily, I got to "meet" a few of my future Catania Elephant teammates in an online chat room. They began telling me about Sicily, and I knew immediately I would love it. My thought was, how can you not have a good time in a sun-drenched island surrounded by crystal blue water? The reason I start this blog with that conversation is I vividly remember there being some confusion when I asked about "beaches" -- as this word in English sounds strangely similar to another word a drastically different meaning. I was assured by the more sarcastic teammate that there were plenty of both types on the island, however there can be no more confusion as to the actual beaches of Sicily - they are spectacular.

Flying in to Trapani gives you a "foretaste of the feast to come"

We began this trip on the Western tip of the island in Trapani, just outside of Marsala. Our first beach visit was the famed "Modello" near Palermo, which I had yet to visit. We found it to be a gorgeous half-moon bay with white sand, clear water, and a handful of typical Sicilian ristorante scattering the shore. Unlike other parts of the world where beaches remain fairly constant in theme, all Sicilian beaches have their own vibe and thus draws instant comparisons. For Modello, I think "Turks and Caicos" does just fine.

Let the fun begin at Modello

Across the island near Catania, we knew the beaches like the back of our sandy feet. On Tuesday we made sure to visit Giardini-Naxos (Hawaii)...


and then on Wednesday followed it up with a trip to Playa Beach (Mexico).

Capaninne means "Little Huts" in Italian, but to me it's Mexican flair calls for a fiesta!

With the clock ticking on our final days in Sicily, we began today by heading south to Fontane Bianche, which literally means "White Sand." It lies just a stone's throw from Siracusa, which we all know is both where the Orangemen come from and where plot was invented by the Greeks some 3,000 years ago. This might be my favorite of all Sicilian beaches, as its warm water, fine grains of sparkling white sand, and overall holiday vibe make it seem like a stop in the Caribbean. Plus, the new sparkling Autostrada to Siracusa whisks you from Catania down the coast to this hot spot in less than 45 minutes! Incredible...

Fontane Bianche (Caribbean)

So while Sicily may not be as accessible as Hawaii to those West Coast Americans, or the Caribbean to those in the East, why not book a trip around the world by making your next beach vacation a Sicilian Beach Extravaganza?

If you lived here you'd be home right now.

~ J. Twice

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Anthony said...

Wow man looking at those beaches... I have heard of people saying that Sicilian beaches are among the best in the world, and these are people that have travelled the globe !1 well I think I will hit Sicily this year 1 Thanks.