Friday, July 23, 2010

Christie joins "The Home Team"

Congratulations to my wife, Christie Johnson, for securing a job as the newest reporter for King 5 TV in Seattle! King 5 is the NBC affiliate in the Emerald City, and has been the leading station for many years. Christie will be working on the "King 5 Morning News" which airs from 5 - 7am on King 5, and then from 7 - 9am on King's sister station, Kong 6. I'm so proud!

Christie's first morning on King 5 included a trip high above the air!

Christie's role will be to do lifestyle pieces and cover interesting events around the Puget Sound region... seemingly a perfect fit for her! She kicked off her time at "The Home Team" by highlighting Seattle's School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA). Of course, "normal" reporters would be content to just provide a little info, but of course Christie jumped right in and executed a sweet move high above the air! It was awesome to watch!

You can follow Christie's exploits on Twitter by following @cjohnsonking5 or by logging on to

~ J. Twice


The Lindermans said...

WOO-HOO! We watched her this morning and she did SO GREAT! Love your new background too!

George said...


Great piece, but the landing REALLY lowered you score.

claud said...


Terry said...

Congratulations CC or is it now CJ
Looks like things are going very well. I can watch at home in Edm. on King 5 now that I'm retired.

Love you guys